November 2012 archive



With Thanksgiving over and the first dusting of snow on the ground, it’s starting to feel wintery around here. Vermont winter is always a mixed blessing – it’s so gorgeous and cozy and then you realize you have to keep the pipes from freezing and yourself from falling on ice and it takes three times […]

pillow talk


More holiday weekend craft times – accent pillow edition. The trellis fabric is from a thrifted apron (there’s enough for another pillow!) & the floral fabric has been kicking around the sewing boxes for so long that I’ve long since forgotten why I bought it. Lazy sewing pillow tip! I stole one of Sean’s old […]

sofa quick fix


Friday night I literally couldn’t take our old, beat up, kitten-scratching-post of a sofa for a single second longer. We’re saving up for a new one, but in the meantime I was willing to throw the dang thing out and sit on the floor while we waited, just so I didn’t have to look at […]

you can’t be magic if there are no monsters


It’s been quiet around the blog. November is always a hard month, lots of old grief dredged up & the start of the winter hibernation times. We’re still adjusting to the early dark, puttering around the house and working on tiny projects. I’m looking forward to hanging boughs, filling the house with lovely green smelling […]



Our dining room doesn’t get much use as we’re still looking for dining chairs, but my big old mission style desk is along one wall & I recently cleared it off (it had become the “dropping place” of the house for all papers and notes) & organized it. I also asked my brother to install […]