October 2012 archive



When we moved in to a house built in 1836 I fully expected some ghost happenings. But the house feels cozy, and the main extent of ghostly activity is each of us thinking the other has said something or called out when we haven’t. Until last week. On Thursday night we were settling in to […]

alpine home


Whenever we go through Stowe I stop in the shop Alpine Home, on Route 100. Rooms crammed (and really, CRAMMED) full of French and Austrian antiques, gorgeously reupholstered furniture, costume jewelry, dishes, trinkets, and bath products. I could spend ages just searching through the entire shop, getting ideas and daydreaming for my house. Today’s trip […]

shut the front door


One of my house goals before winter really kicks in is a solid front door. The current door is the original, with a storm door from the 1920s. It’s currently bolted shut and basically lets all the wind in. Brrr! As you can see in these photos, at some point in the 1880s shutters were […]

Fresh face


Yay yay yay! My blog redesign is live and I’m so happy with it! Jackie¬†has been super amazing and it’s been really fantastic to work with a professional designer on my own stuff and not just work. She’s paid attention to every little detail and I feel like it’s so much more cohesive and system-ed […]

squirrel times


Spent a couple hours up at the cabin Saturday, chopping wood and checking out the work my brother’s done. There’s a new sliding door over the pantry, and a gorgeous salvaged cherry wood floor in the addition. It’s always nice to be up there.