September 2012 archive

leaf peeping


 Unlike last year’s post-Irene not-so-great foliage season, this year is a stunning cacophony of bright red, sunny yellows, and practically neon oranges. This weekend was looking like the peak leaf peeping time, so out we went into the rain to soak in the color, through the mist. It gave me a chance to take my […]

Bedside Color Scheme


Not normally a color scheme I’d expect to occur in my house, but I’m liking the mustard, black, and white cohesion that happened on my bedside table. I’m finding that a lot of the color I’m gravitating toward lately is new to my favorites – especially deep blues. I used to be such a shades-of-orange-to-persimmon […]

road trip: by-the-sea


Quick day trip to Gloucester & Manchester-by-the-sea with my parents. My mom needed to get her clam chowder fix & we wanted to grab one more ‘hello’ to the ocean before winter. Definitely will be going back, just to house peep & relax. We totally drove down the roads with signs that said RICH PEOPLE […]

desktop, analog style


I ordered new J.Herbin inks for my Kaweco pen the other day, without realizing that I was succumbing to the primal, universal urge for new office supplies in September. I haven’t been in school for a long time, but I still need my fix. Tiny luxuries go a long way! Small Note Pad (I want everything […]



We’ve had our year to adjust to country life, and it’s been pretty extreme – Sean’s never lived anywhere rural, and I moved at 17 to Philadelphia & then on to San Francisco – so my entire adult life has been in cities. This past weekend I had an intense city-missing freakout: What do you mean […]