August 2012 archive

one year in Vermont


It’s been a year since we moved! Which seems crazy in many ways – it seems like we’ve only been here a few months, and it seems like we’ve been here forever. A million things have happened. House buying, new jobs, fertility treatments, family times, exploring & falling more in love with New England, cat […]

before & after: carriage house bathroom


A quick and easy bathroom renovation to get the carriage house in shape for guests! The previous owners had built a panel to cover plumbing, but had ended it before the hole for the plumbing ended, filling it in with cardboard. Nice. Really. We replaced the light fixtures, getting rid of one (there’s a reasonably […]

captain blankenship giveaway!


I love my summer staple of Captain Blankenship‘s Jaune oil, but decided to try the sample pack out to test some of the new scents. Jana graciously agreed to give away another sample pack on my blog, so you too can try out some fresh scents for fall. My favorite new scent is Manka, with champagne, […]

state of the kitten


Those of you who follow me on twitter will know we rushed Huey to the catmergency room on Sunday. His back legs stopped working & they confirmed a blood clot, and recommended euthanasia. HELL NO! we said, and he’s home now and resting. This is a cat who adopted me. He “belonged” to my neighbors, […]



So I’m Facebook chatting with a friend who’s in Paris, and I ask her to send me a product I was given a sample of in a random pharmacy on a random side street in Paris. I realize I remember the pharmacy and roughly where it was, so I Google street view and it’s the first one […]