July 2012 archive

fall look: beatnik ally sheedy


These shots of Arizona Muse in the August Paris Vogue got me excited for Fall – but then again, the intersection of 80s + beatnik always makes me feel like I should probably get rid of my entire wardrobe and dress only like this forever. Now seriously, where DID I leave that stack of vintage […]

before & after: upstairs hallway


Ok, this is kind of an exciting before & after, because the DURING felt like an excavation. The original plan was to peel off the gross wallpaper, rip up the carpet, and voilà! New hallway. AHAHAHAHA. No. The wallpaper went all the way back to the house being built in 1836, and after we managed […]

baby steps


Last night as I was frantically searching infertility forums for answers I once again found myself frustrated at the relative silence around infertility – and apparently, the inability of doctors EVERYWHERE to really explain to women what’s going on through these treatments and in general. I just switched to a small independent medical group, but with only one […]

Vivi goes sailing


The lovely Vivi is having her birthday on a sailboat next week, and she requested that I make her a sailing inspiration set. It’s also a good reminder that it’s already mid-July and I haven’t been on a boat yet this summer. Does a canoe count? Because I did go canoeing, at least. Get fancier, […]



Clear warm water with white sand and tiny waves, secret coves, and pretending the world doesn’t exist. Just what I needed on a summer Sunday.