May 2012 archive

catbird <3


Coming home to a blogger box from Catbird on my doorstep last night made my day of work stress disappear! The candle smells like Vermont, and I’ll be wearing the initial as a bracelet all summer. The Tocca perfume is lush and summery, which is good because I just dropped my hot weather staple on the […]

tattoo you


I’ve been noticing a disturbing and deeply tacky trend online of people being really insulting to those of us who are inked. I hit my limit of tolerating such bigotry the other day when the owner of a shop who follows me on twitter tweeted about how “disgusting” tattoos are. Well, you just lost ANY […]

greatwood gardens


These gardens are a quick walk from our new (yes, it still feels new!) house and are usually empty – time to play ‘let’s pretend we have a manor house!’ The gardens were designed by Arthur Shurcliff and built in phases between 1908 and 1918.  The Formal and Rose Gardens have a pavilion opening to steps […]

hello summer


Saturday kicked off the first real hot SUMMER weekend all year, and we spent Saturday having a picnic of Warren Falls and a tour of Yestermorrow. Karie is in town and it’s so so nice to sit in the sun and talk to good ladyfriends. Vermont summer weekends are the best things in the world.

stone wall


Ok so, my grandiose plans about gardening this summer? Maybe not so much. The house sits on 1/2 acre of land, with 4 huge garden plots from the old owners. I’d originally planned to till over most of them & plant grass, turn one into a pea stone terrace, and then set up some raised […]