April 2012 archive

what’s it like to want?


I’ve been thinking lately about fear and just how directional it can be – a rudder in life steering you toward or away from what you need to be doing. When I thought about writing this blog post it basically made me want to throw up, so that means I should do it, right? I’m […]

baby alpaca


So my lovely friend Lynda‘s been talking about Baby Alpaca forever and I’m like “whatever, I like tiny fuzzy hoofed animals” but then I finally clicked this link (click it! it’s not letting me embed!) the other day and realized I’d been missing out. Do you like how all the music I like these days […]

spring rebirth


I’ve been having a bit of a grump lately. That’s an understatement. A sick-of-winter-want-sun-sick-of-the-flu-sick-of-paying-taxes major depresso-fest is more like it.  Since we moved to Vermont I’ve gotten more colds than I think I picked up in the whole of my living in California, and the trees are still bare and spiky, with snow squalls at random. […]