March 2012 archive

Disparate Youth


Man alive, how much do I love the new Santigold? I’M SO GLAD SHE’S BACK!!!! Click for Santi inspired Polyvore!

maison bouche


I went a little crazy with Bay Area homesickness after Kate sent me a Lavande des Hautes-Alpes et Fleur de Sel Maison Bouche bar. So I placed an order for more, and luckily completely missed this whole Easter section. For the best, really. Easter is a non-holiday in this house, but I like all the Spring rituals […]



Sunday night was spent sobbing through the last 40 pages of this book, with Sean asking me “What’s wrong!? What’s wrong?” and me choking out “It’s just so SAD.” It is. And beautiful and heart exploding and wondrous and perfect. Lauren Groff might just be my favorite writer these days. There’s an essay written by […]

gettin’ fancy


First off – if I’m related to you or I work with you, just stop reading right now, because I’m going to talk about my skivvies. At the beginning of February, Jen posted a giveaway for Lille Boutique on Honey Kennedy. Thinking “I never win giveaways” I ended up buying a Fortnight bra from Lille. […]

spring color


Here’s a project I’ve been waiting ALL WINTER to do (you can’t spray paint in the cold) and since then, a certain neon stool has made the blogging rounds. Well, dang it, I’m going to paint mine anyway, and I think it makes a great occasional table between the chairs in the living room. I […]