February 2012 archive

before & after: living room


Home ownership is weird. It’s so awesome, and then I look at something like the kitchen and the sheer overwhelm of what it will take to renovate and repair blows my mind.  So, baby steps. We decided to tackle the living room first as it seemed like the least amount of work of all the rooms, […]

practice makes perfect


Just noticed that Diva from Linea Carta has a calligraphy starter kit in her shop!! I need this desperately – before the wedding I dug out my mom’s old pen and nibs from the 60s and practiced and practiced to no avail before just hiring Diva to work her magic on the invites. Maybe it’s […]

desert valentine


5 nights in the desert, the longest time I’ve ever spent at a single hotel. Soaking in the sun by the pool, trying to save it all up for the next few dreary months until spring here. Bedside grocery store carnations and stacks of magazines. Room service breakfast on the balcony, looking out over the […]

adventures in real estate


Buying a house basically feels like scraping up every penny you’ve ever earned and giving it to a stranger. In return a bank tells you a bunch of crazy things you’re supposed to understand, make you sign things, you hear some more crazy things, you wait and stress, you cry a lot because there’s random […]