October 2011 archive

first snow


Wake up, wake up! That’s Sean hiding from the very idea of snow, while I run outside immediately. I love it so much, seeing the world frosted makes everything ok, magical. I’m ready to skip Halloween and go straight on to the holidays. Of course, this will all melt by tomorrow. But today, I’m cozying […]

snowfall soon


We split and stacked wood at the little cabin, drank hot cider from tin mugs, burned brush in a bonfire, and stomped through the stream.

one year


So Monday was a year that we’ve been married. Pretty impressive for the grumpiest and least-marrying-type couple on the block, I’d say. We didn’t do anything special, but we will. Eventually.  I’m in a crazy funk that I cannot shake since this move – I think the move was really an amazing jump and I […]

alternative economies


The more I hear about the Occupy Wall Street movement that’s happening, and especially the “We Are The 99%” piece that’s come out of it, the more hope I have for this country (even while it breaks my heart.) It’s imperative that we have a voice, an inclusive & united voice to counteract this Tea […]

maple applesauce


This post is dedicated to Jen, for her endless baby applesauce jokes. This one’s for grownups, though. Or, you know, maybe some teething babies. (Kidding!) 8 apples, peeled, cored & diced 1/4 c. water boil to soften, then lower heat add 1 tbsp vanilla 2 tbsp bourbon 2 tbsp maple syrup dash of cardamom cinnamon to […]