September 2011 archive

fall boots


My new fall boots were summoned out of thin air this week after a particularly rabid ankle boot¬†Pinterest session. The next day, I spotted these babies for $5 in a thrift shop near work and nearly fell over. They’re so comfy and flat and short and nice. Love! What are your boot manifestations this fall?

ice cream nights


We live dangerously close to 2 maple ice cream shacks. Still settling in, still wondering when I’ll feel less scattered – probably when I’m not catching 2 seconds of internet here and there and can sit down and do all the grownup things I need the internet to do. Rural living, it apparently takes 2 […]

here we are


It’s only been a week that we’ve been here, which seems strange and surreal. Thank you all so much for your welcoming comments & concern for VT. The roads are opening up again, people are cleaning up. We know a few people who lost their entire homes – heartbreaking and counting our blessings even more […]