July 2011 archive

hie thee home


Prints for sale!! This sale is both a way to help us achieve our next big life steps and a preview of what’s to come if it all works out. Want to help? 1. Choose a photo below. 2. Choose a donation price. 3. When you are kicked to Paypal, write me a note to tell […]

forests & forces


You’d think magic would be easy to find in these woods, but it’s proving harder than I thought. With so much going on, I was only able to snatch a few moments of hammock peace times. Good energy welcome. I’ll be back soon.

short cuts


It’s been about 2 years since my hair was this short, and I figured it was a good time for it – right before spending 2 weeks in the woods! I’m hoping the curls chill out a little & I need to find some better styling products, but I like it a lot. I’m a […]

Gluten-free Pizza Frenzy


I’ve been missing pizza like crazy so I asked Holly if she’d cook me a gluten free version of her famous pizzas. Yes, I’m spoiled by my friends – Holly made my wedding cakes and they were fa-an-cy. (Bay Area readers, she’s just started teaching cooking – she’ll come to you and give classes – […]