June 2011 archive

the case against DIY


Or rather, the case against DIY instructions. I’ve noticed a lot of posts lately like “make a clutch by folding fabric into thirds”, or “make a poncho by cutting a hole in fabric” or “make a ponytail by putting your hair into a ponytail” – whole sites, even, dedicated to instructions that seem completely redundant […]

christmas in june


I’m sorry for all the super short posts lately, but things and projects are brewing and it’s taking up all my time! Between extra long days at work and hopefully putting some long term life goals into place, there’s been no time for me-work! I have a list of sewing projects and menu-recipes to try […]

birthday girls


Some of my favorite ladies in bloglandia (& real life!) are celebrating birthdays today. Jen from Honey Kennedy: What would I do without this lady to talk to? Keeping it sane and fancy all at once. Karie from Shelter Protects You: Karie is back from Renegade & ready to keep tearing things up. I need […]



I went shopping for prizes for some birthdays coming up, and I don’t know if the rare Bay Area heat made me delirious or what, but I accidentally came home with this scent for me. I couldn’t decide between that and this, ideally both and worn together. Delicious. Jaune smells like a childhood moment I […]

dads are rad


Happy Father’s Day! My dad is my idol & we’re 2 peas in a pod, something my husband never lets me forget. The man did dance a jig as we pulled out of his driveway en route to our honeymoon, but I know he can’t wait to have me back in Vermont. Top 3 Dad […]