May 2011 archive

dyeing with flax


A lot of flax in the back yard + a wee scrap of cream silk charmeuse = a dyeing experiment. A little known personal fact: the 1st two years of my college career were spent studying textile design. I did weaving, dyeing, repeat pattern design – I loved it, but wanted to have a broader […]

face off


The comments on that last beauty post opened a major can of worms. Between those comments and the news stories below, my head was spinning with terms, chemical names, and a complete sense of panic!! 1. Aveda founder’s mission: to clean up beauty industry act 2. Delicious but deadly: why cosmetics might be bad for your […]



So, seriously, Karie over at Shelter Protects You is doing so many great things I can’t even deal!! She sent this amazing letterpress piece – her first attempt. (??!?!?!!?!?)  It’s so gorgeous and I’m so honored to hang it in my home. It seems like every day she is making and creating new things – […]

holy grail


I started reading Vogue in 1988. I was 13 & what stuck with me was that when you are grown up and successful, you get a Chanel bag. Well. I’m neither of those things, but I am resourceful. In 1988 while my delusional child self was dreaming, bags were around $1000. They now retail about […]

health is wealth

Falafel with spinach, sprouts, quinoa, carrots, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, hummus, tahini.

A few weeks ago something clicked & I finally managed to change my diet for more than um, 4 days. I’ve struggled for years to give up sugar and wheat, even though I have celiac disease and a number of other autoimmune issues. You’d think constantly feeling sick would be enough to switch my brain, […]