April 2011 archive

magpie palette no. 4


This weeks garden flowers got a little boost from the local flower market, and the yellow-purple-white combination was making me so happy I felt inspired to build a palette on it. Plus, you know, all the WEDDINGWEDDINGWEDDING around today. How about violet wedding dresses? {palette photos: Flowers, my own. Paper bag with lemon calligraphy, elizabeth anne […]



I just got off with the phone with my dad, who suggested I put on a blue leotard and bunny ears to surprise Sean. He was referring to this classic family moment ~ I will not be doing this. But my mom’s scarf ears are pretty amazing, as is the concept. My mom will probably […]

saturday morning


I woke up early this morning, after only 5 hours sleep, but awake and rested. Was it the acupuncture I’ve been getting? A bizarre fluke? I got up around 7:30, did yoga, made a french press of Blue Bottle coffee, got in the bath & perched my cup of coffee on the edge for a long, leisurely […]

surrender to messiness


You all gave excellent hair advice, I’ve been trying products and some have worked (Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Conditioner), and some haven’t worked for me (Bumble and Bumble Mousse). There’s more on the list to try but I need to use some things up before I do. As my hair grows longer, I’m allowing […]

treasure & hunting


It’s all flowers and geriatric living up in here lately. Brunch and Sunday drives, looking for treasures. This pewter jug was strangely appealing to me, &  totally something my mom would have. A set of 4 champagne coupes, for fancy living. A glass and silverplate container to keep the cat from stealing my earrings and […]