February 2011 archive

treasure hunting


So, I haven’t yet found my striped blazer, but I’ve been having fairly stellar thrift luck. I’d knock on wood but I’m ok with my recent luck being the bulk of it, please refer to the whole LESS STUFF thing. I basically fail at paring back when it comes to clothes – especially since so […]

everything in its place


For the longest time I’ve waxed poetic over hotel rooms, and bemoaned the fact that many hotel rooms are doing it wrong. “I want to own a hotel!” I thought; I’d make it all white walls and flowing curtains, crisp white sheets and huge pillows, a pit stop of nothingness to clear your head and […]

desert holiday


I was all set to post our mini vacation photos tonight without any text when this afternoon I clicked a link to a blog I don’t really read. It was just a casual look at a room, but so filled with expensive things and so seemingly blasé about it that I realized that my being […]

culling desire


Yeah, so the thirty five post got me thinking. Here we are, on this internet, and yeah, it can be homogenous. But we like tea parties. We like rosy glows. We like old things with history, we like new shiny golden things. Our hearts resonate & vibrate to these things, we are not always just ‘being […]

beauty school


Vivian got me hooked on Into The Gloss, though I usually avoid the “view into people’s closets” genre because it’ll just make me jealous, makeup seems really accessible. And I like my face most of the time, even when I can’t fit into my clothes. (I’m also a total sucker when people post what’s in […]