2011 archive

gift swap!


So this year a whole bunch (I think around 50!?) ladies participated in a twitter gift swap – mostly wedding bloggers or newlyweds, organized by the lovely Ms. Bunny. My person hasn’t gotten their gift yet, I don’t think (WTF, UPS?), so that’s still a secret, but I got my prize from the lovely Liz […]

kitchen inspiration: brooklyn restaurants


So while in NYC last weekend I went to both Rye and Walter – the latter which is a mere 10 blocks from where my grandmother’s father’s restaurant once stood. In the ummm, many, many hours I sat at the bar at Walter ordering drinks and oysters with Vivi & Joe, I started thinking about […]

the city


Back after a fast 5 days in NYC – mostly working but a few snippets of good – raw vegan lunch with Anna and Jenna, a weekend with the lovely Vivian¬†of shopping and eating and making up for 3 months of rural living, and the serendipity of waking up on the 2nd anniversary of my […]

thank goodness


We’re doing family Thanksgiving on Saturday, but I wanted to run up to the cabin today to hang out with my brother – it’s my 1st Thanksgiving home in probably 17 years, and his first without his babies since they were born. So. We trekked in with a big pot of chili and cornbread, sat […]

rose + gold


I used to do these half-moons all the time in high school when I was obsessed with 1930s movies. I also realized this morning it probably had something to do with all these long winter nights. Have you caught the manicure fever sweeping the internets?