November 2010 archive



Thanksgiving’s been pretty low key for me for the last 15 years – for years and years I’d fast all day alone, reflecting, and then head out dancing. I’m 3000 miles from my family, and I also feel not particularly fond of the origins of the holiday. But gratitude as a concept, that’s something I […]

gift guide no. 3: ireland


These are so fun to make, I’m sad this is the last one I was planning on doing & it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, jeez. I guess I’m pretty excited for the holidays. I’ll have to think about other places I went to last year – maybe an elegant grandma gift guide inspired by Palm […]

gift guide no. 2: paris


Next up – Paris inspiration. I’ll take one of everything on this guide, thanks! Is it weird to want beauty products? I like giving & getting tiny luxurious things I might not spring for myself. That Huiles & Baumes dry body oil is absolute heaven, btw. I had a tiny sample from a Parisian pharmacy […]

gift guide no. 1: vermont


While I’m not a big shopper, I do love playing pretend and making gift guides. I’m inspired by three of the places I traveled to this year: Ireland, Vermont, & Paris. While obviously some of the items are inspirational & not realistic cost-wise, they are possible to find in handmade or lower priced iterations. I […]

admiral dandelion


I’ve already flooded twitter and Facebook with a kitten frenzy, but you know, why not here too? We walk past the ASPCA window frequently as it’s near our work & this little guy kept drawing us in – on the 4th visit we finally just brought him home. He & Huey are still being kept […]