October 2010 archive

megaliths & magic


The ponies, I think, were one of my favorite parts of Ireland. Everywhere you looked, horses. At one point we saw 2 white horses running wild through a field, it was like a dream.  In the background is Knocknarea. Carrowmore tombs. The rest of the photos are the drive from Sligo, to Westport, to Clifden. […]

the waters & the wild


Side trips to Glenveagh and Sligo Abbey. The entire estate has green doors. Yes please. & Sligo Abbey, a spooky little calm in a town that’s grown quite a bit since I was last there. I was going to write a little about how it feels to be back, at this strange verge of ‘what […]

lough eske


Lough Eske – a dream of a place to start a honeymoon. Sybaritic & curled up in front of the fire, watching the moon rise over the castle, hours floating in the heated pool under glass walls or steaming in cedar saunas. Tromping the grounds in search of hidden graveyards, mystic woods, toadstools & fairyrings, mossy […]

autumn mountains


Last time I went to Vermont I posted only a tiny fraction of the zillion photos I took. This time, I barely took a handful!  Tiny snippets of stolen time – riding lessons with my nephews, driving curving dirt roads in crisp autumn splendor, bonfires at the cabin, rain on the new roof, waking up […]

do what thou wilt


These photos and the ones in the previous post are by my very talented sister-in-law, but my good friend Jeremy also took a milliioooonnnn photos.  I won’t get to see Jeremy’s until the first week of November because he’s traveling, so I want to wait to do the grand mega-crazy wedding blog post with all […]