September 2010 archive



You can tell I’m in the wedding home stretch, the last few posts have featured other peoples photos! I feel bad about that, but I have so much work to do, no time for adventures & photos!! I’m just trying to gather all my final prep for the wedding, and gathering last minute inspiration around […]

new england wedding


I know it’s wedding frenzy up in here, and I apologize, but Dori just sent the photos from her New Hampshire wedding on August 28th. The dress I made her looks SO GOOD, and she says; “I got dressed outside. it was a farm for crying out loud- there was no where else to do […]

guest post!


A quick note to say I have a guest post up at A Practical Wedding today. I’m super excited and some of the comments have already made me teary!! Though most photos on the APW post are by me, I tacked on a few by my SIL Emily – she’s a great photographer if anyone […]

in transit


With 3 weeks until we head out and one month until the wedding, I’m not thinking about much but getting through September & October. With houseguests, work being particularly hard, and my dress not even started, I’m basically a non-stop stress case! I have a million projects in my head, but can’t even think about […]

wedding invitations


We sent most of the invites out this past weekend – there are still a few local folks I need to meet up with to hand them off to, but, phew. I know we’re late in the game (ummm, 33 days until the wedding?) but we did send save the dates super early and have […]