August 2010 archive

family history


Yesterday I picked up a few rolls of old film I had developed (with the 1st roll from Paris!) & while I haven’t been able to scan them, I also had some old family slides and negatives printed at the same time, so they gave those to me digitally. I had 8 x 12 prints […]

2 months to go!


Polyvore wedding madness. This helps, really. My ideas have been so scattered! And yes, I know that you’re supposed to make pretty overlapping collage type things in Polyvore but I like it all spread out. I don’t know why. What’s left? We ordered a suit on eBay, fingers crossed it fits. I need to start […]

10 things that rule about being engaged


So I freak out about wedding planning a lot, and pretty much every day I think; “We can’t do this! It’s too much money! It’s too much stress! I want more time!” But, I’m almost 35, we want to try for babies, and I feel past my prime enough being a 34 year old bride. […]

paris walk no. 4 – the last day


I DON’T WANT TO POST THIS POST!!! It means the trip to Paris will really be over, all like a dream! My last 2 trips out of the country prior to this were in 2003 to London and 2004 to Tokyo – all very fast, very intense trips for work. This trip to Paris has […]

back to school


So, I’m in a really pissy mood. Stop reading now if you want pretty niceties, I’m in a rage. I just got this comment emailed to me: “Congrats. You live a privileged upper-class American life and are smart enough to appreciate art and design…just like every other blog-writing woman on the internet. Share something NEW […]