July 2010 archive

welcome home


The thing about going away is that when you walk into your house after ONE MILLION HOURS of traveling, it’s like you’ve cuddled into the lap of the biggest mama ever. If you’re lucky. And I am super lucky, because I have a dreamy house and dreamy boy and dreamy cat to come back to. […]

The Order of the Rising Tide


At the beginning of March, I made a quick and dirty Facebook status update, asking if other women would want to get together to map out business plans & goals for art/work & network & inspire & brainstorm. The response seemed positive, and more and more interest in this formed in my head. So many […]

paris walk no. 3: left bank


Many of you have mentioned soon-to-go-to-Paris trips, so I feel like I must must must get this one up because I want everyone going to Paris to have a day this magical! This was my 2nd from last vacation day, which was hands down one of the most amazing travel-days ever. If you’re going to […]

en plein air


Hope everyone had a delightful Sunday! This was my first weekend at home to just rest in ohhhh, over a month? A lot of walking, thrifting, a little Etsy-photo-taking, and watching the new Poirot. We’re like old people around here!! Sometimes it’s just nice to be cozy. Thursday & Friday were spent at Flora & […]

under the pyramids


I think now it is time to introduce my lovely Parisian host, Mathyld. She really welcomed both me and my coworker, bringing us muffins and mapping out quick walks while we were still on work-time, and welcoming me into her home on my last few days in Paris, which allowed me a little extra vacation! […]