April 2010 archive

calico & wingtips


Happenings lately have really really nailed home how I’m absolutely marrying the right person. It’s amazing. It’s really, really amazing. $$ nonsense, friends going missing, crazytimes, and he is so good and solid and calm and helping and saying all the right things. Hi, I sound like the crazies on STFUMarrieds. But no, seriously. So […]

prince valiant


Holy crap, dudes. I asked S. to meet me at BART Friday night, and he shows up with a baby blue 1964 Plymouth Valiant he just bought. While I was in the city. For like 5 hours. SNEAKY. (I went to the Offbeat Bride reading at Booksmith – wow, that was weird but awesome. I […]

save the date


We decided to do our invites and save the dates ourselves, both for financial and control freak reasons. We’re not making the invites until July, but I couldn’t resist sharing these, I’m pleased how they turned out!! Contrary to what one might think, I’m pretty simple and traditional when it comes to stuff like this, […]

baskets & bows


So I’d decided to slow down the Etsy sales, as I don’t have a lot of time or energy for vintage selling lately. However, the reality of the wedding budget + lots of lots of vintage still in my collection = powering through listing some great batches of clothes and accessories for you. Seriously, it’s […]

& beyond


This post has been in my drafts for like 2493892 months now. Click publish! Just some tiny bits and pieces from around the internebs. Have you stumbled across anything good lately? The moss flora of New York City and vicinity by Abel Joel Grout, pHD, c. 1916. Google Books makes me want 2349328472 old books. […]