March 2010 archive

magpie palette no. 3


Hello hello! some bits & pieces I’ve been meaning to share on a rainy day, and it is indeed a rainy day! Magpie palette moodboard from recent thrift finds & various bits. Click to enlarge. Bow chain handbag, YSL belt, string of pearls, Maggy London dress: destined for the shop. Wallet, for me. Hand me […]

call it a ritual


Oh, did I say I wasn’t going to write about the wedding for weeks? Well, ok. I lied. Slogging through the madness that is Google search results for wedding questions, I found eastsidebride pretty early in this crazy process, and was like “Great! I’ll just read this! It’s sane!” You have to understand that I […]

magpie palette no. 2


I’ve been drawn to spring things, pinks and blues, strange for me! all photos in moodboard mine except nest, ceiling, & screenshot from Bolshoi Ballet ’67. Click to enlarge! Recent finds: Royal Staffordshire teapot, pink milk glass cake stand, gold and pink dish, green creamer, embossed glass goblet/vase. and 25 of these glasses, for very […]

wedding dress mess


So I’ve decided to make my own dress, but have come across so many amazing options online as well. The handful of wedding magazines I’ve flipped through, I’m shocked at how similar all the dresses are. There’s a world of possibilities, ladies! Shake it up! I do have some limitations: I’m definitely not a strapless […]

secret garden


We’ve been spending every weekend in the courtyard garden, sprawled out on quilts in the patches of sun that last from early morning to late afternoon. There’s a routine, lazy mornings making coffee, walking in a loop around the neighborhood procuring breakfast, stopping at the used book shop, poking around one of the many nurseries […]