February 2010 archive

& they’re all made out of ticky tacky


When I first started college, I studied fashion and costume, & for me clothing is costume, a way to set the scene. For our resort trip I packed all classic-preppy looks: cute cardigans, seersucker, navy & white, espadrilles, nautical looks. By Day 4 it started to really wear on me. It was cute, for sure, […]

blog it forward


I’m so excited that my blog it forward / what inspires you day is my mama’s 60th birthday. She’s been a constant inspiration (even though I am more like my father) & I think she’s the prettiest mama ever! Mod eye makeup! I’d watch her put on makeup when I was little, the pot of […]

last resort


At 3am Friday morning, I was up and poking Sean in the eye until he was awake enough to drive, and we zoomed down the coast.  We hit the ocean as the sun rose, winding through green hills soaked in fog to see the sun coming over the sea. Bliss. We stopped in Santa Barbara […]

moodboard no. 3


It’s called a moodboard because you make them when you’re bored!! I needed some zone-out zen time before tackling the weekend chores and this was a nice exercise. It’s also super helpful because I kept asking for suggestions and getting good ones, so at the end we were both 100% on the same page about […]



Taking these photos made me think of the old alt.gothic.fashion “What’s in your bag?” usenet threads. Yes, I have been on the internet forever. And ever. I’m pretty sure the “What are you wearing today” threads on usenet inspired a lot of the outfit post madness on flickr these days, as well. But, I digress […]