January 2010 archive

natty gann + clara bow


I’ve been into my cozy giant cardigan urchin-dumpling look during the last TWO WEEKS of rain, now I need to fancy it up a little. From this: To this: I need to tack these on the wall in the morning when I wake up, because I’m too sleepy to get dressed properly. And it needs […]

finders keepers


Mmm. So, I’ve still been in such a funk. Waiting for it to lift, the past few months have left me pretty listless and exhausted. Grief? Ideas are brewing, but haven’t been touching down enough to form anything cohesive. Do you know what I mean? Like some elusive path in the woods you can’t quite […]

rainy day


10 rainy days! At least, that’s what the weather says. Still feeling sluggish and healing, so I tackled the task of sorting out my fabric and mending and Etsy piles in the work room. Oh, my goodness. So much work, and so much inspiration just looking at all the fabric! This 1920s dress from my […]

moodboard no. 2


Ok, so maybe I’ll put wee wedding snips here. I did start a separate blog for logistics for people who are coming (from all over! Even Berlin!) but as I’ll be putting maps and things it’s sneakret. I’ve been so down since Janna and my grandmother died, I’ve noticed that it’s been hard to be […]

twenty and ten again


2010, 2010!! I love this little listmaker for the new year: http://teuxdeux.com (Thanks, Angel!) Speaking of Miss Angel, we were chatting the other day about life and growing up. My life from 1990-2000 (age 15-25) is curiously similar to that of young women blogging now –  I traveled all over,  modeled for the 1980’s east […]