December 2009 archive

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Hope everyone’s holidays were wonderful – I’ve spent mine healing and being cozy! I seriously think all the well-wishes and magic energies are helping me – I’m healing so so much faster and can walk around, etc – last time I had a similar surgery, it was weeks before walking easily & feeling weak in […]

winter songs


My (now a tradition?) winter mix – not making cds this year,  just songs here for you! Please enjoy!!!! White Heron ♥ Mountain Man Sage Bundle Yum Waarm Ye ♥ Stag Hare Waves ♥ White Rainbow Red Sky ♥ Wooden Veil Warrior’s Lullaby ♥ Steffen Basho-Junghans Into the Dust of the Earth ♥ Brethren of […]

tinsel & diamonds


Come in, come in!!  In the midst of all the loss and curious nonsense of life, I’ve been focusing on the holidays & making life as cozy in the chaos as possible. Hexmas shopping with Kate (who has some really sweet cards in her shop – maybe you need thank you notes for all those […]

grandmother selkie


I don’t know if I can stop crying long enough to write, but I don’t know what else to do and I’m home alone until later tonight. My grandmother died this morning. She was 92, and she said she wanted to rest, and just went to sleep. I’ve been dreaming for weeks she was going […]

2009 greedy goblin gift guide


There are lots and lots of blogs out there that focus on Stuff. In fact, it is a leeetle mind boggling just how many! However, it’s the holidays! Everyone likes Stuff! I tend toward vintage/antique or handmade prizes (getting & giving, please) but sometimes one is just too plum tuckered out to whittle all of […]