November 2009 archive

prairie winter


Shop update! As I unpack and settle in, I’ll be adding as much to Etsy and eBay as possible. I have, um, THREE closets & they’re already full. So, onward to you! Suede skirts and Gunne Sax and calico! It feels like a prarie winter! Cozy! & there’s more!

wee hoos


It’s been a rough few weeks – I’ve written about it in more secret places, but on the 16th of November, Janna, my therapist / magic-spirit-mama / life guide (of 7 years now) took her own life. It’s been one of the most profound losses I’ve experienced, unbelievable in it’s finality. I’m trying to just […]

bonfires & birch trees


Whirlwinds! Running all over and packing and getting ready to move into a new wee house with the Professor! (Who really needs a new nom de blog, by the by. He’s not really a Professor!) Very exciting and very scary too! Shhh! But, life is going faster than blogging is possible, so I have a […]

many ghosts


Dia de los Muertos, San Francisco. Writing about it is kind of like talking during the procession, it’s too difficult, strange. Everyone swirling in their own heads and spheres, separate in a sea of thousands of skeletons, dancing around the demons, communing with the ancestors. So here are evidences of the spirits all around us, […]