October 2009 archive

st. orres


Tiny adventures! Off to the sea-side of Northern California a few weekends ago, to stay in a tiny cottage at St. Orres. So good! So cozy! Recommended by the lovely Miss Kristin of Hiss and Hearse, St. Orres is a crazy onion dome hotel and tiny cottages built by hippies in the middle of nowhere. […]

spirit dress


Last night I went to Miss Dori Midnight‘s magical San Francisco Edwardian flat, to discuss plans for her wedding dress, which she is commissioning me to create. So flattered and honored! She believes the same thing I do, that clothing can be created as a spell, a magic weaving with intention and faerie glamour! She […]

mountain people


I’m hitting that wall again where my soul aches to be in the woods, barefoot and wild. The city starts to become actually painful ears ringing from the loud sounds of people yelling, pollution choking, jangly skeleton nerves on edge and shaky, cafes, crowds, grocery shopping – everything just a cacophony of madness. I just […]

black magic woman


Autumn goodness!! Just added a few things to the shop, and will be spending time this weekend adding more! Grab this witchiest of all 1970s Gunne Sax dresses in time for Halloween! Cozy sweaters for sitting around bonfires… A pretty Gunne Sax top. And a darling 1960s twill dress!! So much more to photograph and […]

trio of parcels


Arriving home from Seattle, I was showered with presents. Hooray!!! Ok, not really showered, but I did get some super fantastic mail. I feel spoiled and grateful! Gratefully spoiled! (And reminded how many parcels I owe people too! Eeee.) The first parcel was from the incredibly thoughtful Nath — wrapped in tissue paper in my […]