September 2009 archive

down the rabbithole


I’ve definitely got the mean reds this week, oh dear! Mercury Retrograde, for sure. October, please hurry!! Bring cupcakes! Want to dig me a hole and burrow into some crisp leaves! Instead, distractions ~ 1. 1930’s predictions for year 2000 fashion. Love the Continental accent, and “Ooh, swish!” 2.  Magic and plans and magic! So […]

calaveras & candles


found image In order to soothe my autumn-needing-soul, I’ve started thinking about Dia de los Muertos already. Summer ends, the earth starts closing up shop for winter, the cycles of life surround us.  Rituals celebrating the deaths of ancestors have been observed by cultures all over the planet.  All Souls’ Day in European folklore and […]

autumnal summons pt. 2


Rust wind dry grass crackle leaves woodstove smoke summoning mix! Somehow the tones of these songs make me think of crisp air, leaves crunching underfoot, fireplaces. Seadrift ♥ Arborea Don’t You Wish Your Baby was Built Up Like Mine? ♥ Texas Alexander My Daddy Rocks Me ♥ Trixie Smith Bad Blood ♥ Brownie McGhee Katie […]

autumnal summons


The one thing I haven’t gotten used to after 14 years in the Bay Area is Summer being in Fall. I like warm weather in the Summer (it’s cold in the summer here,) and when September rolls around and I want crisp air, apple pie, mulled cider, kicking through fallen leaves! Vermont runs in my […]

princess prizes


I’ve had a rough few weeks. Endings, beginnings, thunder-crashings of life, hibernation, cocooning, blooming, burying. Sowing seeds and tending metaphorical gardens in all parts of my life, and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time – sense of joy and possibility and Good.  Still, shaken and stressed on the journey, with ends yet […]