August 2009 archive

summer’s fading light


Mmmm! Summertime book wrap up — recent reads. I’ve been spending my weekend in what I consider the ultimate indulgence – quilts in the sun, tiny cakes, and stacks of books for hours and hours. I didn’t go to Vermont!! I decided to stay, and go in October. I need a proper autumn, anyway. Mockingbird […]

order of rainbow for girls


I’m about to go back to Vermont for the elflings’ shared birthday, and I realized I hadn’t shared some of the magical treasures I found last time! These letters (with the Air Mail stamp) are phenomenal – a woman is traveling around the world, and writing back to the man she refused to marry. I […]


lyell 2008

I was asked to guest blog a Top 10 list for the great design blog Hiss & Hearse, a collaborative project from cutie design power couple Kristin Cofer & Richard Wayne. She’s a stunning photographer, he’s a writer and style blogger for ModCloth! I went a little outside the realm of design, but brought it […]

raptures from the ether


The Bolter by Frances Osborne ‘While her fellow Edwardian debutantes in their crisp white dresses merely contemplated daring acts, Idina went everywhere with a jet-black Pekinese called Satan.’ New Orleans (La.) City Insane Asylum Record of Patients, 1882-1884; 1888 Hallucinations, with Delirium of Persecution. This lady reasons her case so very well as to induce […]

the list to end all lists


I love making lists. LOVE IT. The only things, sometimes, that can get me out of a total overwhelmed crazy rut is to sit down and make a list. So here’s the grandmama of all lists: the cosmic to do list. live in Paris live in NYC live off the grid with a group of […]