July 2009 archive

the ones you know no.2


The one everyone knows! The secret center of the cosmic spiderweb hum hum hum!! Mention Austin in a crowd of strangers, and surely everyone will say “Austin? Do you know Angel?” & of course…they do. Perhaps I shouldn’t speak so loudly, I’m sure there’s meaning to her magical web-pulling ways, and we’ll all be drawn […]

oh, follies!!


Lifelong obsession with the Ziegfeld Follies, obviously. (My BA focus was costume design!) I just came across this photo site with so much inspiration & hundreds of photos! I want to make magical costumes again!!!! Inspire! Hide in my little tower and sew sew sew sew! How can magic like this not still exist? How […]

learning curve


A mindblowing escape with elly, into the hot wind blistering sun of northern California. BLISS. Winding roads, lakes, heat that makes your shoulders melt and all the tension just pour through them & into the dusty dry earth, magic adventures, and so much clarity and conversation and goodness. Pixy-led at every turn, which continued the […]

the ones you know no.1


This is Nicole and her mama when she was wee. What a gorgeous shot. Maybe I’m feeling sentimental lately, but I’ve decided to do a series focusing on some amazing ladies whom I know. The first in the series is Nicole, who just sent me an amazing parcel filled with so many goodies. We’d lost […]

what i did on my summer vacation


I’m heading back to California today after 3 weeks in Vermont!! It’s been a whirlwind and there are one million projects and activities I didn’t get around to do – but my main goal was to work on my little cabin in the woods. I have a lot of ideas for the land I have […]