June 2009 archive

teenage icons


So yeah, I was in high school in the late 80s, and obsesssedddddd with 10,000 Maniacs. (At least up until “Our Time in Eden.”) Michael’s comment on my last post reminded me of Natalie Merchant & how adorable she was. Picture this: my high school graduation, I’m in a lilac floral grunge dress, lilac dr […]

treasure chest


A stash of goodies added to the Etsy shop!! Take a peek — all sales while in Vermont will go toward working on my tiny cabin retreat (a post with new photos will come soon – I’m about to run out the door to build!) so shop away with love! Below is a tiny selection, […]

magpie palette no.1


I’ve mentioned this before, when I go thrifting I notice that unconsciously I come out with color schemes and combinations – one day I’ll pick up all green and gold objects, the next all lilac and grey. Inspired by the 100 Layer Cake blog moodboards, I’ve decided to start a series of treasure boards whenever […]

pearl grey skies & fireflies


Old barn doors. Cream eyelet and Swiss champagne satin batiste. Mason jars of roses & forget-me-nots. Streamers of bright ribbon clutched by children. Tiny violinists under apple trees. Punched tin can lanterns. Sweet ancient songs sung by schoolchildren. Dancing wildly to a bluegrass band. Sugary white cakes. A tiny wedding night cottage. Tealights floating in […]

lonely stones


is it well with thee? is it well with the child? and she answered, it is well. Today was spent in part wandering this very old (for America, of course) graveyard, with graves going back to the 1700s. I was thrifting in a town near where the wedding I’m helping with is happening, so I […]