May 2009 archive

hero worship


Leroi Jones and Diane Di Prima at the Cedar Tavern,¬†April 5, 1960 I’ve been obsessed, OBSESSED with Diane DiPrima since I was 14 and came across her poems in an anthology, devouring everything I could find after that. Memorizing chunks of Loba, her epic poem that continues to be written. Living vicariously through her Recollections […]

grey spring days


weeks of adventures. wine parties & curled in chairs talking late. fog hung picnics on lake edges, sprawled on colorful blankets with mouths full of chocolate & pies. long walks on forest paths, bowls of mexican hot chocolate with fingers curled tight begging for warmth, art shows & tapas in new dark magic places, shimmering […]



I’m sorting through some things life has dumped into my lap, or rather I have dumped into my own lap through a variety of past and present learned behaviours, so i’m sorting through that and not thinking about updates, though I have ideas milling about. For now, enjoy some style from the woman I think […]