April 2009 archive

blood ties


Me & my PopPop My grandfather passed away late Thursday night, I was driving 95 miles an hour down the 5, at 11:41 I looked at the clock he’s just left Indeed. Whirlwind of family & food platters. What a curious response, food platters. Talks with my mother about the knowing, she’s tried to talk […]

prismatic summer

Late afternoon sun in the kitchen – it’s been blissfully hot the last few days, the kind of hot that relaxes your shoulders and makes every second seem like a lazy afternoon in July. People here complain about it, which I find downright silly. I love the heat. Today I sat in the grass and […]

little paths

1. Austrian girls sell vintage Austrian goodies. What? Like a magical land!! Now, if only the $ would match the Euro… Bows & Bandits 2. Pretty clothes & Mariee Sioux‘s mama from the ladies at Violet Folklore 2a. Elly & Holly I am buying us tickets for Mariee & Alela May 11th at Du Nord […]

summer dresses


Shop update! Lots more prettiness and summer dresses up at Market Publique (and I have barely put a dent into the summery dresses / boating party stash!! More to come!)

magic channels


As Venus goes direct (last Friday!) and we all come out of stasis and into the glorious spring sunshine, I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and creativity. Elizabeth Gilbert, whom I’ve never given much thought to as I’m a terrible snob when it comes to bestsellers, talks about genius and the creative drive as […]