March 2009 archive

into the garden


It’s spring & the garden is in bloom!! Angeliska’s post reminded me to speak with my lovely landlady and Urban Homesteader, Ruby, about planting some things in a small patch of earth. How exciting, it’s been awhile since I’ve had space. What shall I plant? There’s so much here already, rosemary and mint and calendula […]

magic is as magic does


You know those moments in life that make your heart seize up, that make you say “Wow, my life is amazing and magical and I am so so blessed to be here in this moment now?” I’ve started a flickr group, magic is as magic does, to remind us of those tiny moments and share […]

we have always lived in this castle


So as my cabin continues to be built and some friends have expressed interest in coming to Vermont this summer (some for longer periods,) my new obsession is finding a cheap yet watertight old travel trailer and posting it up on my land, planting some lilacs around it, painting it red with tiny hearts, like […]

renee perle


Vogue Germany just had a shoot in their March 2009 issue – which I came across on Foto Decadent – which reminded me of last fall’s resolution that this summer I would only dress like Renee Perle, and lounge by pools in wide legged trousers looking impossibly fresh in tropical locales. Can I start now? […]

tiny spring


Added these & more (with a lot more to come) to Market Publique! If you like the layout over there, please help get the word out about the site!! Thanks xoxo!