February 2009 archive

three tears


Oh goodness, I feel like it’s been ages since I updated.  I was going to wait to put this up as I wanted to do a giveaway-in-return when I posted about it, but I’ve been so busy!! So I will just do some show and tell instead. I was lucky lucky & got this fabulous […]

magisch venster


So one phenomenal thing about the internet, to me, is how much heartstopping magic is out there that we’d never know about, really. I feel like almost every day there is something that actually makes my heart hurt with joy or recognition or just plain human bedazzlement, this wonder at what we are and what […]

modepass interview!

Modepass has an interview with me up!! Exciting and cute. I love everyone else’s answers too, so interesting. Please to note I did not say my age. Haha. Shhhh.


Lauren Dukoff art opening at Eleanor Harwood this Friday. That’ll get me out of the house!

calico & gingham


Added about a dozen new things to the shop – a lot more to come, but I’m not super pleased with the lighting / set up here, so I want to fuss with it before I take more photos. I’ve gone through so many backdrops depending where I’ve lived – currently, the only nook available […]