November 2008 archive

made by hand


Growing up in Vermont, I spent hours poring over my parent’s handmade house books, imagining tiny spaces and woodland homes I would call my own one day. I’m a lot closer now, & I still spend hours pretending ~ when I can’t sleep, I imagine I’m walking through imaginary houses, cozy with woodstoves & woven […]

in gratitude


+ full bellies and wood stoves + spontaneous baby hugs + waking up to a chilly morning, throwing open french doors, and jumping naked right into the hot tub on the deck + first taste of pecan pie + new friends (& calls from far away ones) + safe papa + so much beauty in […]

the spaces we create


A trip to Sword & the Rose got me thinking about spaces, and a rambling walk down to Samovar opened my eyes a little more. I’ve always felt that any happymaking work in my life would need to involve the creation of space; art installations that remove the viewer from the present moment into tiny […]