2008 archive

winter winds


Such a tiny short visit this time, snuck in during my one week allowed off work for the next 6 months or so ~ this must be remedied soon, we are not made to live one week a year and sneak in everything we must do on weekends. Steal back your life! But I digress, […]

theatre of dreams


Elly & I made our annual pilgrimage to Theatre of Dreams in Port Costa. Heartbreakingly lovely, I wish I could move to this little town and make beautiful things all day!! This puppet is a shadow marionette! A little gastropod friend. A garland of gilded leaves. No hands, only stars. Many try to copy Wendy’s […]

megalithic portals


Megalithic Portals on Google Earth. I feel like i’m having a heart attack over this. (Do you know that feeling?) I know I’m slow to the game here! But this is amazing!! It’s all of them. I can zoom in to the ones in Vermont I mentioned in the last post, and England is just […]

hexmas tidings

~~ 12 magical rabbit holes for hexmas ~~ 1. Theatre of Dreams 2. Lady Lavona’s amazing Krampus writings 3. King’s Point Playland 4. Family in a frosted wonderland 5. The Etsy Cabinet of Curiosities gathering of shops for the best hexmas prizes 6. Rose white rose red 7. Geronto Bis 8. Manitou (like this) 9. […]

bon anniversaire


Friday morning, sleepy mouse eyes. Tumbled out of bed and into the land of Crixa Cakes; chocolate mousse, teapots of the best chai in the world. On a mission to find a white dresser, I found this charming solid oak vintage one, for $15. Sure, it needs some love, but I have some to give […]